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Fight Gooey Bosses in a Massive new Update for Gumslinger

Gumslinger is a shooter with a difference. The difference being that every character in the game is made from squishy candy. Cue loads of ridiculous skillshots, wobbly physics and more. And now the game has had some awesome extra content added.

The main thrust of the 2.0 update is the new big bosses. You’ll come across them and their minions from time to time. The ensuing fight, if you accept it, will be tough, but there’s big rewards to be won as well.

There’s also been some tweaks to the idle mode so you can earn more goodies while you’re not playing. Why don’t you check out a trailer for the update while we think about what to write in the fourth paragraph.

The update also features three new characters, a new level, a new gun skin and a bunch of extra celebration and KO effects. That’s a lot of stuff, we think you’ll agree.

‘Since we keep a lot of players for a long time and still attract new ones, this update is an important step for us to prepare the game for coming updates,’ says Itatake’s Mattias Granat, ‘Adding more features will make the game even better and more valuable for both existing and new players.’

If you’d like to check out the new update to Gumslinger, you can download the game for free from the Google Play Store by clicking right here.

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