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There’s Another new SpongeBob Squarepants Game Coming to Android

Kongregate has revealed that it’s working on a brand new SpongeBob game for mobile. It’s called SpongeBob’s Idle Adventures, and we’ve got all the details you need in this here news story.

The game is set to launch on mobile this summer, and it looks to be a town-building idle game like a lot of other cartoon tie-ins we’ve seen. After Patrick accidentally breaks a vortex machine, everything is thrown into alternate dimensions.

It’s up to you to try and fix everything. As you might imagine there are all of your favorite characters here, and plenty of zany wackiness. Because it wouldn’t really be a SpongeBob game without that.

“We’re very excited to be working in partnership with Nickelodeon once again, this time to bring a new SpongeBob adventure to mobile gamers all over the world,” said Tammy Levy, Chief Product Officer at Kongregate.

“SpongeBob has become a huge cultural icon, full of wisdom and wacky adventures, and is beloved by fans worldwide. We’re thrilled to be able to add to the universe and bring this new SpongeBob adventure to life for fans, big and small, to dive into.”

So there you go. SpongeBob’s Idle Adventures. Coming to an Android device near you in summer 2021.

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