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Darkest Dungeon is now Playable on Xbox Game Pass Cloud

Darkest Dungeon is an awesome game about slowly going mad in the bowels of the earth. And now, for the first time, you can play it on Android. Or, at least, you can if you’ve got an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

That’s because the game is now available on Xbox Game Pass Cloud, which lets you stream a whole bunch of different games direct to your Android device. It’s like Netflix, but instead of comedy specials and terrible superhero shows, it’s games.

Darkest Dungeon takes dungeon delving to the next level, throwing in psychological torment to keep things exciting. That’s probably not the right word, but you know what we mean.

You’ve been able to play Darkest Dungeon on iPhones for a while, but since those are rubbish and make us all sad, it’s good to see that the game is finally available on Android. Sure, it’s a shame that it’s Xbox Games Pass-only, but there are worse things in the world. Way worse things.

So, to surmise, Darkest Dungeon is on Xbox Games Pass Cloud and you can play it on your Android device. And you probably should do that, because it’s really good. News story ends.

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