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Among Us Roadmap Unveils What’s Coming to the Smash Hit Game

Among Us has done pretty well over the past year or so. So much so, in fact, that its lingo has become part of the pop-culture vernacular. Slick moves. And now Inner Sloth has revealed what it’s working on for the game in the coming weeks and months.

The info was revealed during the Summer Games Fest live stream last night, and there’s a lot of it. For starters there’s a new map, although that’s pretty much all the information there is about that.

There are also new roles, including the Sheriff and the Scientist. And a new game mode called Hide and Seek, which we’re going to guess involves hiding and seeking. We’re pretty smart.

There are new visor cosmetics, new colors and more coming to the game as well. So, yeah, that’s loads of stuff. Oh, and achievements, those are pretty important to some people. Wow, many things.

You can download Among Us from the Play Store by clicking here. Although we imagine you’ve already got it, because everybody in the world seems to be playing it right now. We’re not, we’re typing up this news story.

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