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Check out These new Awesomely Dirty Screens for Rush Rally Origins

The Rush Rally series has always offered some of the most exciting racing on mobile, so the fact that there’s a new entry in the series on its way is definitely a reason to get excited.

And we’ve got some screenshots that show off just how dirty and exciting the game is going to be. It continues the almost-top-down style of the other games in the series, and it’s going to run at 60fps, or 120fps on compatible devices. Ooosh.

Before we tell you anything else about the game, you probably want to actually see the screenshots, right? Of course you do, that’s why you clicked on this story. So here’s a gallery for your viewing pleasure.

Yup, that definitely looks like a Rush Rally game. Those plumes of dirt and dust? The night racing? Our fingers are getting itchy already. And not, y’know, in a weird medical way.

There are going to be 36 tracks to race on, with different times, weathers and surfaces to challenge you. You’ll be able to upgrade your cars, race in different single player and multiplayer modes, and even tweak your on-screen controls to suit your finger positions.

A trailer for the game is set to drop next week and we will, of course, put it directly in front of your face when it comes out. And when we’ve got a confirmed launch date, we’ll shout that into your ears too. In the meantime, check out the Rally Rush Origins website right here.

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