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Apex Legends Mobile Closed Beta Launching in More Territories

The first phase of the Apex Legends Mobile closed beta has been running for a few months in India and the Philippines, and now Respawn is opening it up to a variety of other territories.

According to a tweet from Respawn, which you can read by clicking here, over the next few weeks the beta is going to roll out in Indonesia, Peru, Colombia, Egypt or Lebanon.

If you’re in one of those territories and you have an device that’s running at least Android 6.0 and can access the Google Play Store, you can click here to pre-register for the beta.

The Apex of Multiplayer Gaming?

Not everyone who registers will get on the beta, so don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get a go. We don’t know when Apex Legends Mobile is going to launch worldwide, either, but the beta opening up to more places is surely a sign that things are moving in the right direction.

If you’ve not heard of Apex Legends, it’s a team-based battle royale that sees groups of special-powered soldiers fighting it out on a massive map. There’s a closing wall of fire, loot boxes to pick up and plenty of shooty bang-bang action.

Call of Duty Mobile has proven that AAA shooters can work brilliantly on mobile, so we’ve got high hopes that Respawn can do the same with Apex Legends Mobile. We’ll obviously keep you up to date as and when we hear about the game, promise.

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