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Plan B From Outerspace: A Bavarian Odyssey Announced for Android

RobotPumpkin Games, the developer behind The Innsmouth Case, has revealed that its next game, Plan B From Outerspace: A Bavarian Odyssey is heading to Android, as well as a bunch of other platforms, this fall.

The game is set in a twee southern German town and pits an accidental alien invader against some traditional German hospitality. There also appears to be a cow involved.

Things play out as a mix between a visual novel and a choose-your-own adventure. There are choices you need to make to move the story along, and there are 19 different endings for you to uncover. Here’s a trailer.

Plan B From Outer Space: A Bavarian Odyssey is being published by Assemble Entertainment. Its CEO Stefan Marcinek said “Plan B from Outer Space: A Bavarian Odyssey is a charming, comedic sci-fi adventure that lovingly pokes fun at Bavarian culture in a way that only Robot Pumpkin Games can.”

We’ll keep you updated when we hear a more specific release date and get a price point. This one looks like it may well be silly in all of the right ways, though. What do you think?

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