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Geo Scavengers Is an AR RPG with Crafting, Puzzle-Solving, and Territorial Expansion

You can find all sorts of things with your smartphone: the nearest train station, the best pancake joint within 5 miles, a recipe for vegan brownies, it’s all there. 

And there’s something else. Thanks to Geo Scavengers, you can find an entire parallel universe, exactly like our own in layout but packed with invisible caches full of loot, puzzles, and more. 

Developed by Aperico Software, Geo Scavengers is a new location-based AR app that lets you explore your immediate environment using a variety of high tech virtual gadgets. 

A scanner shows you where to find all of the caches within a certain radius, an analyser lets you find out what’s in them, and a special electronic looting tool lets you add all this glorious loot to your inventory. 

Among this loot you’ll find crafting materials (for making even more powerful equipment), keys (for opening high-tier boxes), and map fragments (get enough of these and you’ll have a complete map, showing you where to find super-valuable ancient artifacts). 

On top of all that you’ll gain XP and Geo Corp. credits, a special in-game currency that allows you to buy entire zones and levy taxes on the other players in your vicinity. Pro tip: buy the zones with the most players in them, to maximise the number of taxpayers kicking up to you. 

Geo Scavengers is a location-based RPG with proper character development and a story that unfolds through emails from the sinister Geo Corp. Plus, it all takes place in a persistent online world built on a single server layer, with your actions potentially affecting every other player. 

It’s a fully supported title, too, with improvements, new caches, new recipes, new puzzles, events, contests and more in the pipeline. 

To download Geo Scavengers, head to the Google Play Store right now. It costs $6.49, and it’s mercifully free of ads or IAPs. 

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