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Here’s a New Cinematic Trailer for Star Wars: Hunters

Earlier in the year we told you about Star Wars: Hunters. It’s an upcoming team-based shooter, developed by Zynga and set in the Star Wars universe. Since then, things have been a little quiet on the game. But that’s all changed thanks to a brand new cinematic trailer.

It shows off some of the characters from the game, as well as expanding a little more on the setting. It looks pretty cool. There’s two Jawa standing on each other’s shoulders and a giant claw-handed Wookiee.

We’ll let the trailer do the work now. Check it out with your eyes and ears and then we’ll tell you some more about the game.

Star Wars: Hunters is now scheduled for release in 2022, which by our reckoning is next year. It’s going to be free to play, and it’s launching on iOS, Switch and, most importantly, Android.

Pre-registration for the game is now in process, and you can click here to visit the Star Wars: Hunters website to get on with doing that and find out more about the game.

We’ll keep you posted as and when we hear more about the game, but for now you can put us in the vaguely optimistic group about Star Wars: Hunters. Might be pretty good.

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