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Dormammu and his Dark Domain are Out Now in Marvel Future Revolution

Marvel Future Revolution is getting its first major content update since it launched back at the end of August. It features the super villain Dormammu and a new region called Dark Domain 1.

In the new region you’ll find new Epic and Side missions, as well as some new villains and super-villains that you’re going to have to take down. There are also new collectibles to… collect.

You’ll also be able to find Dormammu in the new Chains of the Abyss update in the Blitz mode. You’ll need to participate in a variety of different events and activities if you want to get a chance to take down him and his dark army. So gloomy.

Elsewhere in the update there’s a new 14-day log-in bonus where you’ll get a variety of goodies just by loading up the game. The level cap has also increased from 100 to 120.

There’s also a new Eyes of Osiris costume to collect via the in-game store (or, y’know, buy). There are Dark Domain regional costumes and Omega cards too, as well as a bunch of other under-the-hood tweaks.

If any of that sounds in the slightest bit exciting, you can click here to download Marvel Future Revolution from the Play Store. It’s free with plenty of IAPs.

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