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Grid Autosport: Custom Edition Out Now on the Play Store

Grid Autosport is a really, really good racing game. It’s also quite expensive, and you don’t even know if you like it before you buy it. That’s where the newly released Grid Autosport: Custom Edition comes in.

Technically this is the third version of the game launched for Android, following the full release and the Early Access multiplayer edition. This time round you’re essentially getting a demo, with a series of IAPs you can buy depending on which parts of the game you’re interested in.

There are a number of different packs that get you new cars, new disciplines and new tracks. Or you can buy everything at a single, discounted price to get the full experience. Here’s a trailer.

There are five discipline packs that cost $2.99 each – Touring, Endurance, Open Wheel, Tuner and Street. Then there are two extra content packs that are $1.99 each – Sprint and Touring Legends. You can find out more about the packs, and a couple of extra ones, at the game’s FAQ page by clicking here.

You can download Grid Autosport: Custom Edition from the Play Store for free by clicking here. What do you think? An interesting experiment in mobile game pricing or a bit icky? Let us know in the comments.

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