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Metal Revolution, the Robo Fighting Game, Soft Launched in Select Territories

There’s something pretty darn glorious about robots beating seven shades of nuts and bolts out of each other, and if you live in South America, Mexico or Romania, you can find out just how glorious by playing soft-launched robo-puncher Metal Revolution.

That’s right, the gorgeous looking one on one brawler has landed in those three places, and you can get your hands on it right now. The rest of the world? We’re going to have to wait until next year to get those pistons and cogs whirring.

The game really does look stunning, and we’re not going to take the time to prove that to you by embedding a trailer into this story. Don’t say we never try and do anything nice.

Kicking? Punching? Blocking? It’s all in the robotic hive mind. The game looks like it draws inspiration from some of the best scrappers in the world – there are definite shades of Blazblue there, which is only ever a good thing.

If you don’t live in one of the soft-launch territories, you can click here to pre-register for the game at its official website. We’ll let you know when we hear a more concrete global release date.

Via PocketGamer

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