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Pikmin Bloom Launching Globally in the Coming Days

Back in March, Nintendo and Niantic revealed that they were working on an AR Pikmin game for smartphones. Well, that game is Pikmin Bloom, and it’s set to land on the Play Store in the coming days.

In fact, it’s already been launched in Singapore and Australia, and we expect the global roll-out to follow pretty quickly after. What does the game entail? Walking, by the looks of things.

You pick up Pikmin by walking, and the more you walk the more you get. You can also pluck flowers from the Pikmin’s heads and plant them, to leave a floral trail. You’ll also need to knock down mushrooms – in-game mushrooms – to clear your path.

According to the game’s Google Play Store page, you’ll need to install Google Fit to get the game to track your steps – and bear in mind that this is essentially just another way for Google to gain more information about you while you look at cute critters.

Pikmin Bloom should be launching worldwide in the not-too-distant future – check its Google Play Store page to see if it’s available where you are right now.

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