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Flow-Based Skateboarding Gem The Ramp Out Now on the Play Store

If you’re looking for a new skateboarding game, but you’re sick of razzle-dazzle and confusing scoring systems, then The Ramp could be right up your… ramp? And it’s out now on the Play Store.

The game takes a minimalist approach to the sport, letting you focus on timing and fun rather than chasing high scores or performing outrageously criminal acts.

You’re pushing on the screen to get your pump going, then throwing in some tricks when you’re hitting the heights. It’s fun, and the challenge comes from pushing yourself to try new things. Here’s a trailer.

The first ramp in the game is free, and if you like what you see you can buy a $2.99 IAP to unlock all of the other ones. There’s a simple joy to the experience, and the rhythm of the play soaks into your fingers in the best way.

If you’d like to give The Ramp a go, you can click here to download it from the Play Store right this second.

We reckon it’s worth checking out, but if you fancy a different take on skateboarding, click here to check our list of the best extreme sports games for Android.

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