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Little Big Robots is a Mech Battler, Out Now in Select Countries

Robots are just cool. Stompy, shooty robots are even cooler. These are facts. Little Big Robots is a PvP action game that sees you stomping and shooting and controlling a cool robot. It’s bound to be a smash hit. Ahem.

The game is currently in soft launch in select countries around the world, letting players get some time with the game before it launches globally. It’s the style at the time.

There are different game modes, customization options and you can play on your own or with your dear sweet friends. Let’s watch a trailer now, fill up a bit more space.

There’s destructible scenery, a decent art style, and the dev promises that there’s more content coming in the future as well. Those are all nice things to hear.

You can click here to see if Little Big Robots is available for download in your neck of the woods. And we’ll let you know when it launches worldwide.

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