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Tales of Crestoria Shutting Down For Good in February

Earlier this year Namco Bandai launched Tales of Luminaria on the Play Store. But it looks like there can only be one free to play Tales of… game on mobile, because Tales of Crestoria is being shut down early next year.

Tales of Crestoria has been out since 2020, but as of February 7th 2022 its life is coming to an end. The IAPs have been shut off as of now, but any items can be used right until the last second.

Plenty of games shiver away in these modern times, when the cost of the servers outweighs the profits being dragged in. Such is the endless cycle of death of mobile gaming.

This won’t be the last time we write about a mobile game shutting down, and while this might be one with a massive license, there have been plenty of examples of those going the way of the dodo in recent times.

If you really want to – some sort of ghoulish, final tour perhaps – you can still download Tales of Crestoria from the Play Store by clicking here.

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