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Soon You’ll Be Able to Play I’m A Puzzle’s Library of Jigsaws on Android and iOS

The jigsaw puzzle is the perfect game. It’s totally scalable, from the adorable two-piece ones that toddlers play with to the mind-melting, double-sided, thousand-piece monsters that true aficionados work on for weeks at a time. 

I’m A Puzzle, the vast online jigsaw compendium from Unwind Media, covers the full spectrum, with tons of puzzles to work your way through at a range of difficulty levels and styles. 

There are so many puzzles on the platform that they have to be sorted into categories like People, Nature, Food, Place, Space, and so on. Some of these categories are so bulging with puzzles that they contain even more categories, like Russian dolls of content.

Not only that, but you can create your own puzzles by uploading pictures from your computer, ensuring that your supply will never run out. And once you’ve made a puzzle, you can share it in every conceivable way, and embed it in an email for a particular recipient. 

Whatever option you go for, each jigsaw puzzle can be completed in a ton of different ways. There are five difficulty levels, for a start, ranging from Easy all the way up to Supreme. The harder you go, the more pieces there are to sort. 

Then there are the styles. These shake things up by throwing in custom puzzle shapes and more. In Pets, you’ll need to slot in cats and dogs. In Holiday you’ll need to find a place for yachts, sunrises, and palm trees.

Mystery, meanwhile, throws an even bigger spanner in the works by occluding everything except a little circle, forcing you to hunt around for the piece you’re looking for like a detective combing a crime scene with a torch. 

Fortunately, there are hints to make life easier, allowing you to hide everything except edge pieces, view the image you’re trying to construct, and so on. 

I’m A Puzzle is available online for free right now, and there are versions for iOS and Android on the way. 

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