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Platform Puzzler Where’s Samantha Out Now on the Play Store

In November last year we mentioned that Where’s Samantha was heading to Android. Time has passed, the year has changed, and Where’s Samantha has landed on Android. Swish.

The game sees you playing as a piece of cloth named George, who’s just discovered that the love of his life has gone missing. It’s up to you to try and find the Samantha of the title and set the world to rights.

What follows is a series of puzzling, platforming levels, all narrated by Rufus Hound. There are definite shades of Thomas Was Alone here, but Where’s Samantha has plenty of tricks of its own as well.

There are 45 hand-drawn levels to work your way through, and a good dollop of humor and whimsy as well. We could all use a bit more whimsy in our life from time to time.

You can pick up Where’s Samantha from the Play Store by clicking here. The first chunk of the game is free, and there’s a $3.99 IAP to unlock the rest of it.

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