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Honkai Impact 3rd v5.4 Silverwing: Beyond Launching January 13th

The latest update for smash-hit gacha RPG Honkai Impact 3rd is set to launch next week. Version 5.4 is called Silverwing: Beyond and it’s bringing a bunch of new content to the game.

The update will feature A Post-Honkai Odyssey Chapter 2 and Chapter 28 Beyond Will, as well as a new ranged character in the shape of 8-year-older Bronya.

There’ll be new battlesuits, new goodies to find, special dungeons and a whole lot more. Here’s a trailer that explains it in a different way than words ever could.

The new version of Bronya is the first ranged character in A Post-Honkai Odyssey Chapter 2 and her special skill set adds new combat possibilities. She’s got a special battlesuit too – the S-rank BIO-type Ice elemental DPS battlesuit [Silverwing: N-EX].

All of this and more is set to land in Honkai Impact 3rd on January 13th. You can click here to download the game for free from the Play Store right now.

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