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Ghosts and Apples Mobile Out Now on the Play Store

Ghosts and Apples has been out on Switch for a couple of months, but now it’s available to download from the Play Store as a premium release. And if you like twee gothic action puzzlers, you’re in for a treat.

You play as a possessed puppet, and you need to catch ghosts and turn then into delicious apples. Because that makes sense in this world. There are a whole bunch, or bushel we suppose, of levels to work your way through.

There are two different characters to play as, and the gameplay is slightly different depending on which one you’re controlling. You’re catching and matching ghosts to clear them, either way. Here’s a trailer.

There are more than 70 levels to work your way through, plenty of achievements to unlock and secret rooms to discover as you play. There’s a lot, essentially.

You can click here to download Ghosts and Apples Mobile from the Play Store. It’s a premium release and it’ll set you back $1.99.

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