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Inua – A Story in Ice and Time is an Intiguing Adventure From Arte Experience

Who doesn’t want to play a point and click adventure built around a doomed arctic expedition that lets you manipulate the minds of the main characters? We ask, because that’s exactly what Inua – A Story in Ice and Time offers.

The game tells three intertwined stories that are spread out across more than a century in the Canadian far north. That story is inspired by Inuit spirituality, and has been supervised by an Inuit author.

It also features a mythical polar bear, called Nanurluk, and is based on the very real Franklin expedition that got stuck in the arctic ice. That lead to illness, mutiny and all sorts of other goings on. Here’s a trailer.

Rather than telling the characters what to do, you’re breathing new ideas into their minds. The three stories take place in the same space, but at different times as well.

It all looks pretty darn special, and magical in all the right ways. And it’s due to land on the Play Store on February 10th. That’s way less than a month away.

You can pre-order Inua – A Story in Ice and Time from the Play Store by clicking here. When it launches it’ll be a premium game, and if the App Store listing is anything to go by, it’ll set you back $4.99.

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