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Cat-Starring Point-and-Click Adventure Milo and the Magpies Out Now

We told you at the end of last year that cat-based point-and-click adventure Milo and the Magpies was heading to Android in January. And our suspicions have been confirmed – the game is available to download from the Play Store right now.

The game is a mixture of traditional P’n’C gameplay, mixed in with some hidden object shenanigans. It sees you traversing a number of gardens, all of them rendered in gorgeous artwork.

There are nine gardens to work your way through in total, each of them with a handful of pesky magpies you need to get past. Hey, we reckon it’s time for a trailer.

Milo and the Magpies was put together by artist Johan Scherft, and it’s got the sort of atmosphere than one might describe as a post-hug flush. It’s just really nice.

You can grab Milo and the Magpies from the Play Store by clicking here. It’s a premium game and it’ll set you back $1.99.

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