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Talisman: Digital Edition Adds Four New Legendary Decks

Talisman: Digital Edition, Nomad Games’ impressive digital version of the classic Games Workshop board game, has just been updated with four new legendary decks.

The legendary decks are designed to give hardcore Talisman players an even more challenging experience. They replace cards in the standard decks, making them more powerful and ominous.

This new collection of decks is designed to be used with four of the expansion packs that have been released for Talisman: Digital Edition. Which ones? Well we’re about to tell you that, jeez.

The legendary decks

Here, in a handy list form, is a breakdown of the new decks –

  • The Blood Moon: Legendary Deck
  • The Frostmarch: Legendary Deck
  • The City: Legendary Deck
  • The Sacred Pool: Legendary Deck

The various decks will set you back $1.99 each, and you’ll also need to have the associated expansion to use them. There are other legendary decks as well, which were released a couple of years ago.

You can read a really interesting article about designing the decks on the Nomad website right here. And if you’d like to download Talisman: Digital Edition from the Play Store, you can do that by clicking here.

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