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Check Out the New Characters Coming to Marvel Contest of Champions This Month

Kabam has released a new trailer that shows off the two new characters that are set to debut in its smash hit smash hitter Marvel Contest of Champions this month. And you can watch it in about two paragraphs time.

First up there’s Captain Britain. The Betsy Braddock version of Captain Britain. Expect telekinesis, psyonic weapons and other pretty awesome mutant powers.

At the other end of the mutant spectrum, there’s Omega Sentinel. A hybrid human / sentinel – the human is Karima Shapandar – who’s out to mash up all mutants. Okay, here’s the trailer.

Alongside the two new characters, there are a bunch of new updates, tweaks and events coming to the game in March. You can read about them all by clicking here.

If you haven’t played Marvel Contest of Champions, you can click here to download the superhero pugilism sim from the Play Store. It’s free with IAPs.

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