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Terramorphers is a Turn-Based Battler, Out Now for Android

Terramorphers is an interesting-looking turn-based battler with RPG elements and loads of different modes. It’s just landed on the Play Store, and we reckon it’s worth checking out.

The game sees you building up a hero from a large set of cards and equipment. There’s no restrictions, so you can create whatever kind of build you see fit, messing around to find something that suits the way you play.

There are a load of single player modes that offer different kinds of challenges. They range from a story-based Adventure mode to a Draft option that lets you pull any cards you want while you play.

There’s also PvP, so you can use your character to mash up other players and then brag about how ace you are. There are different pets you can collect as well, and companions who’ll help you out in your fights.

If you’d like to give Terramorphers a go, you can click here to download it from the Play Store. It’s free with IAP, but it feels like the kind of game that might fill in a nice little niche,

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