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Disney Mirrorverse Out Now on the Play Store

Disney Mirrorverse has been kicking around in pre-registration for a couple of months now. But that time has passed, and you can grab the gritty-ish Disney ARPG from the Play Store right this second.

The game sees you building up a team of alternate-reality Disney heroes. They’re like the Disney heroes you know, but they’re a bit different. So that’s pretty cool, right?

Then you’re scrapping it out in fast-paced, button-mashing combat to earn a variety of currencies and gems and push the story along. Or you can let the game control everything for you. Y’know, if you’re tired. Here’s a trailer.

The game looks pretty nice, and there’s always something to do, even if the combat basically involves mashing buttons and swiping. Plus Sully in armor is pretty neat, right?

You can click here to download Disney Mirrorverse from the Play Store. It’s free with IAPs and there’s an energy system too. But hey, you never know, you might like it. Maybe?

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