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Incoherence From Glitch Games Out Now on the Play Store

We like Glitch Games. It makes intriguing indie point-and-click adventures, often run through with some dark humor and a decent chunk of eerie scares. And Incoherence, which is out on the Play Store right now, looks like it continues those themes.

The game sees you playing someone called Jason Bethlam, who wakes up in a weird room with no memory of how he got there. Armed with a camera and not much else it’s up to you to figure out what’s going on and escape.

There are definite escape room trappings here, as well as some fiendishly tricky logic puzzlers that wink back at the golden age of the point-and-click adventure. The modern and the classic, mashed together into a delicious mobile soup. Here’s a trailer.

Incoherence is the first in a new series of games called the Glitch Broken Dreams Collection that are going to offer more compact puzzling. You’re still going to be getting a lot of head-scratching bang for your buck, though.

Incoherence is a premium game with no ads or IAPs, and you can click here to grab it from the Play Store right this second. If you like figuring out weird mysteries, it’s highly recommended.

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