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Tower of Fantasy hackers will face harsh ‘punishments’

After a rather rocky launch, millions of players were beginning to enjoy Hotta’s Tower of Fantasy. However, a wave of Tower of Fantasy hackers hit the free-to-play gacha game, ruining it for everyone. 

Tower of Fantasy hackers 

The ongoing wave of Tower of Fantasy cheaters is a point of contention for the community. As hackers skip past the game’s mandatory level cap, cheaters dominate leaderboards.

The main issue with Tower of Fantasy hackers is the ease in which the game is broken. In fact, the game’s anti-cheat system is so poor that Cheat Engine can be used to hack the MMO. 

In a recent blog post, Hotta Studios admitted that cheating is a widespread issue. Alongside other issues, the studio will be addressing the widespread cheating problem. 

Hotta explained that it’s already working on an “improvement to the game’s anti-cheat mechanism”. Furthermore, the studio explained that there will be repercussions for hackers in the game. 

“The announcement regarding the first batch of Wanderers caught using cheats along with their punishments [will be announced at a later date],” the studio explained. 

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What punishments will there be? 

Hotta has yet to describe any of the punishments coming to Tower or Fantasy hackers. However, the studio will likely use the same punishments as other MMOs. 

If you’re one of the ones using cheats, Hotta is probably going to ban your account. In an online game, Hotta can’t afford to let hackers run rampant.

Whatever the case, it’s great that actions are in place to deal with the hackers. You may not be dealing with too many issues now, but you may in the future.

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