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Logitech G gaming handheld leaks shows a weak device for cloud gaming

Logitech and Tencent are partnering up to create one beast of an Android handheld. The upcoming Logitech G gaming handheld may have been teased before, but the device has just leaked online. 

Leaked Logitech G gaming handheld

Released online by renowned leaker Evan Blass, we now have our first look at the gaming handheld. Obviously designed after the Nintendo Switch Lite, the Logitech G gaming handheld is a slim and light mobile gaming experience. 

Via 9to5Google, the upcoming android handheld isn’t a beast. The handheld rocks a Snapdragon 720G and just four gigabytes of onboard RAM. With low ram and a two-year-old chip, you should expect to be running, say, the best PS2 emulator on this. 

Instead, the device is designed first and foremost for cloud gaming. In one image, the user-friendly Home Screen shows a row of game streaming apps… and YouTube. 

As it turns out, the device is pitched as hardware exclusively for streaming. From Xbox Game Pass to Steam Remote Play, that’s the primary use of this device. Even if it has great gaming controls that could be used elsewhere, the Logitech G gaming handheld will be pitched as a streaming device. 

How will emulation be? 

While the nature of actual Android games on this device is important, many will be looking at the system as something purely for emulation. Sure, it may run Genshin on medium, but can it run GameCube games? 

Judging from its specs, the Logitech G gaming handheld should be able to run PS1 and PSP emulators just fine. However, it’ll struggle when it gets to higher end systems like Wii emulation. Furthermore, it likely won’t be capable of running Skyline, the best Nintendo Switch Emulator

Nevertheless, this does look like an intriguing new handheld running Android. What do you think of the new device? 

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