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Blackout Rugby Is a Hotly Anticipated Sports Management Sim from Blackout Games

Blackout Rugby, from sports management simulation specialist Blackout Games, is out now on mobile and PC. 

The studio is calling it, “the most in-depth rugby team management sim ever made”. Looking at the blurb, we think they may well be right. 

As you’d expect, Blackout Rugby sees you managing a rugby club through training, recruitment, maintenance, and a million other managerial actions big and small. 

What it doesn’t see you doing, of course, is playing rugby. Instead, you send your players out to get muddy and bruised while you sit on the sidelines making decisions. 

Matches play out in full 3D, with individual avatars for all of the players. It’s like watching the real thing, but as a coach rather than a mere spectator. 

That means you can make decisions based on what’s happening on the pitch and the condition of your team. You never know what’s going to happen on match day, after all, so you need to make tactical tweaks to ensure victory for your team. 

But most of the management takes place away from the pitch, and this is where Blackout Rugby really shows its depth. 

Basically, you’re juggling everything a real-life rugby manager has to juggle, and probably a lot more.

Not only do you have to deal with injured players, contract negotiations, and demanding sponsors, but you’ll also need to get into the nitty gritty of the youth academy, the state of your competitors, and the condition of your facilities. 

You even need to make sure you’ve got studio facilities for press engagements. 

Then there’s the bread and butter of management, such as training sessions. These involve putting your players through their paces, of course, but also targeting specific skills through more than 20 different session types. 

You can even tweak stuff like the target player in lineouts, the degree of commitment in rucks, and so on. 

And because Blackout Rugby is an MMO, you’ll be doing it all with your friends. 

To get started, download Blackout Rugby on Steam, the Play Store, or the App Store.

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