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One Punch Man’s latest mobile game has the cringiest advert possible

One Punch Man: The Strongest is our right now on mobile, for those who didn’t know. If you weren’t aware of One Punch Man’s latest mobile game, that’s a shame. As far as gacha games go, it’s okay… as long as you have access to codes and tier lists. 

However, while the game itself may be fun, the advertising surrounding it is deadly. In fact, it is so cringy that watching it will make you recoil into your fleshy frame in seconds. 

The cringy ad for One Punch Man’s latest mobile game 

Released online, a new trailer is now available to cause mental distress to unsuspecting viewers. As we’ll describe below, it’s an entirely horrendous piece of video game marketing. 

In the video, a bad cosplay of One Punch Man walks into a coffee shop. As he walks in, a woman shouts “WOW! One Punch Man!” and looks down at her phone. Of course, the phone is playing the latest One Punch Man game. 

As soon as she finishes, the terrible Saitama cosplayer starts to rap. Not only does he rap, but he raps a disgustingly over-autotuned “parody” of the Dunkachino song from Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill. 

The lyric-swapped rap talks about how it’s a “good game” and how you “shouldn’t have to pay” for the gacha game that absolutely wants you to spend. It’s an almost nauseating musical number. 

With this in mind, the worst part of this song is  that it actually makes the original sound good in comparison. That should be a crime punishable by incarceration. If you want to view the horrible advert, check the video below: 

They need to stop

In recent years, mobile game ads have become frankly too weird for our taste. From the bizarre State of Survival ads to Merge Mansion, this latest One Punch Man advert is Just the tip of the iceberg. 

In some ways, these adverts can be seen as more engaging to some. For us, they’re simply mind-boggling pieces of media that exist solely to confuse. 

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