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Girls Connect Codes: Free Rewards and more

If you’re trying to collect all of the anime girls in Girls Connect, you’ll need help. With access to the best Girls Connect codes, you’ll be able to get free rewards that’ll give you an extra edge. 

If you have been looking for these codes, your search is now over. Simply look below and find the goodies you’re looking for. 

For more codes, we have code lists for other gacha games such as One Punch Man: The Strongest; we even have a tier list. Furthermore, we have Anime Story codes, Dragon Blox codes and even an Infinite MagicRaid tier list. 

Anyways, onto the list! 

Best Girls Connect codes to use

Below, you’ll find currently active codes for the gacha game. These codes will give you free rewards in Girls Connect, helping you to get more pulls in gacha and upgrade characters faster. Check them out below: 

  • YDCB 
  • R0ixyDragony 
  • Myrtle 
  • WindiaNata 
  • GC888 
  • GC999 
  • GC777 
  • GC666 
  • GC2022 
  • Akaei 
  • Punipun 
  • Seanb 
  • Ruri 
  • Baobao 

Expired Codes

If you’ve are trying to redeem Girls Connect codes, but have been unsuccessful, you may find that the code has been expired. If there are any expired codes, you’ll find them below. 

At the time of writing, there are currently no expired codes for this game. However, in the future, you’ll find expired codes right below. 

How to redeem Girls Connect codes

You’re stuck figuring out how to redeem Girls Connect codes? Don’t worry, bud. We have just the step of simple instructions you need to redeem codes quick as a flash. Simply follow the list of steps below. 

  • Open the Girls Connect app
  • Tap on your avatar 
  • Select settings
  • Select on the gift code option and enter the code
  • Press the redeem button 

Find new codes

As a new game, it’s uncertain when new codes will be released for the game. However, being fairly popular, we expect the game to get a large number of codes in the future. 

If you want codes as soon as they’re announced, check out the game’s official Discord. Other than that, continue to check this article. 

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