Author: Alexander Burr


Pixonic globally releases Walking War Robots onto Google Play

“Here I sit, strapped down in the cockpit of my Destrier Mech. As I wait in the staging area of a city for the match to begin I look around and I see 5 of my fellow mech pilots waiting anxiously for the green light. There it is, the go signal. I kick my mech into gear as it lurches forward lumbering in between the city buildings towards objective Beacon B. My HUD lights up red as I catch a brief glimpse of 2 targets before they disappear behind a tall building. From behind one of my teammates fires off a salvo of missiles.”


HalfBrick updates Age of Zombies and the promise for lots of future support

So four years ago HalfBrick released their hit game Age of Zombies. For those of you that aren’t familiar HalfBrick is the company that created Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash two highly successful games on multiple platforms. In Age of Zombies you play a commando who when back inĀ  time and wanted nothing more then to shoot zombies and make it back to the present. That was four years ago.