Author: Brandon Matsalia

Hardware News

Amazon Throws Down the Gauntlet: Bans Sales of Chromecast and Apple TV

Just days after Google announced its latest iteration of the popular Chromecast streaming device, Amazon has made an announcement of its own; Amazon sellers are banned from selling any version of the device, or its peer, the Apple TV. The move demonstrates just how serious Amazon is about bolstering its own streaming service, but that hasn’t stopped Amazon from offering a friendly spin that seems unrelated to competition.

Game News

Gnomes vs. Fairies: A Zelda Inspired Adventure Platformer Coming Soon To Android

Tolkien’s Middle-earth saga may be the high point of fantasy in the worlds of literature and film, but in video games, that crown belongs solely to the Legend of Zelda. Sure, Warcraft has an indelible legacy and Skyrim took the Elder Scrolls series to a new level of popularity, but no fantasy game has been as oft imitated or is as beloved as The Legend of Zelda.

Game News

The developer of Castle Defense Bribing Players for Five Star Reviews

When gamers are vetting their options for new games, the guiding factor common in the decision making process is how much value a game offers. In seeking an answer to the question of whether or not a game offers a great value, reviews are often a useful metric. User reviews in particular have increased in popularity over the years, so much so that no popular online platform is without a section devoted to consumer feedback for products and services. Consequently, this means that word of mouth diffuses expeditiously and can adversely affect public reception of a product very early on. Content producers are very aware of this fact and many have been caught engaging in all manner of unethical behavior, from deleting negative comments about their products, to banning users from games and services.