Author: Ian DeMartino

Hardware News

Reports: Samsung Is Working On A VR Headset For Its Phones And Tablets

If reports are to be believed, Samsung is working on its own Virtual Reality headset, designed to work with its future, not-yet-announced flagship phones, phablets and tablets. According to Engadget, who quotes “sources close to Samsung” the device is set to be revealed later this year and hopes to beat both Sony and Oculus to the market, with a lower price to boot.

Game Reviews

Monument Valley Review: A Quick, Mind Melting Trip Through A World Where M.C. Escher Is God

Value is a tricky thing when it comes to video games. For movies, books, music, and other forms of media, the price is fairly simple to understand. While the value of those things have undoubtedly changed over the years, what they provide is fairly consistent. A movie is an hour and a half to three hours. A Song is three to six minutes. A book is as long as it is thick. But video games, are different, video games aren’t so easy to define.

Game News

Get Ready For Some Looting: NGames’ New 3D MMO XenoQuest Is Set To Release This Summer

The MMORPG space is fairly crowded on Android. While there are certainly more than a few attempts that appear to be shoddy, quick cash grabs on the Google Play marketplace, there are also a go0d number of high quality 3D MMORPGs available on Android. Most of them attempt to simply shoehorn PC MMORPGs into a the mobile experience. NGames looks to be attempting something different with XenoQuest.