Author: Jaymes Carter


Alto’s Odyssey is coming to Android this Summer

Alto’s Adventure was a gargantuan hit on mobile devices. I am sure many of you probably still have the game on your device. The game balanced aesthetic beauty, fun and challenges with ease. It is one of the few games that got just about everything right. If you enjoyed Alto’s Adventure, you will be glad to know that the journey continues this Summer, with Alto’s Odyssey.


[UPDATE: Game Released] Beat Racer is coming to Android soon. We are glowing with anticipation!

I came across a video of Beat Racer and I was immediately eager to play the game. The game is published by Lila Soft, and it has already been released on iOS. The Android version of the game is still in development, so we don’t have  a specific release date for it yet. Lila Soft mentioned on their Facebook page that it will release in July. Beat Racer glows with neon colors and vibrant environments. Take the world of the last Tron movie and throw in some incredible music from indie music artists and you have Beat Racer.


Hop aboard the Brave Train for some puzzling fun!

Vitaly Stepanoff of Artwork Games, has created a colorful and endearing game with Brave Train. If you enjoy Match 3 type games and a dash of Snake, then Brave Train will probably interest you. The game has a cute appeal, and plenty of achievements that will keep you coming back to this one. It is a game that young and old can play, so it checks the box for family fun.


Artifex Mundi brings Bladebound to Android

Artifex Mundi isn’t necessarily known for action games. However, they have delivered a solid and enjoyable action game in Bladebound. If you like playing RPG’s, or hearken back to the days of games like Diablo on PC, then this is an excellent title to check out. The story is intriguing, the artwork is top notch, and the game plays well on either a tablet or your phone. It has taken a while for this one to come out, but it is well worth the wait.


[UPDATE: Game Released] Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition is now in Open Beta in the Play Store

I have enjoyed playing games from Klei Entertainment, primarily on my PC. Shank, Mark of the Ninja and Invisible Inc. are well-produced games. What most fans of Klei Entertainment games are excited about, is the mobile edition of Don’t Starve arriving on Android. Today we have good news, that some of you may have already heard about. Don’t Starve Pocket Edition is now in Open Beta in the Play Store.


Compelling gameplay arrives in RETSNOM now available on Google Play

I wasn’t quite sure what to think of RETSNOM when I first saw it. It didn’t take long before it completely grabbed my time and imagination. RETSNOM is a game published by Magic Cube that is from independent game developer Somi, who lives in South Korea. He deftly balances developing games in his spare time and working a full-time job. If you have ever done that, you know it isn’t easy to do. However, what he has pulled off, is nothing short of brilliant. You need to check out this game.