Author: Jeremy Hill

Hardware News

The Android Platform Development Kit is Google’s solution to fragmentation

As much as I like Android, there’s no denying the huge amount of fragmentation when it comes to software. Google announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on the first day of Google I/O, and it’s only coming to a handful of devices in July. The Motorola Xoom, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S are first on the update list, but there’s no telling when other devices will be so lucky.

Hardware News

Samsung implemented extreme security measures to prevent Galaxy S III leaks

The Samsung Galaxy S III was one of the most anticipated Android smartphones this year. The first two flagship Galaxy S smartphones were considered to be among the finest Android devices of their time. With so much riding on the Galaxy S brand, Samsung had to make sure that no information regarding the Galaxy S III leaked out ahead of release. Its methods for keeping the GSIII a secret went well beyond the honor system.