Author: Jeremy Hill

Game News

Gunman Clive is free from the Amazon Appstore today only

It has been awhile since the Amazon Appstore offered a free App of the Day game that was exciting enough to write about. I’m happy to tell you that Gunman Clive has been chosen to wave the free flag today. Gunman Clive is normally $1.99, so we’re definitely getting a good deal. Try to be quick about downloading Gunman Clive because it’ll stop being free about 10 hours from the time of this writing. You don’t even need a Wi-Fi connection to do so.

Hardware News

Google is reportedly preparing to sell multiple unlocked Nexus phones

The Wall Street Journal (via Engadget) is reporting on something that is good news for customers and not so good for mobile carriers. Apparently Google is partnering with five different device makers to create new Nexus devices for the 2012 holiday season. These devices will allegedly run Android 5.0 (rumored to be called Jelly Bean), and will be sold in unlocked form straight from Google.

Game News

Double Fine Adventure is still accepting donations through PayPal

If you’ve ever wondered where the flood of video game Kickstarter campaigns began, it would be a good idea to start with Double Fine Adventure. Even though Double Fine Adventure was not the first video game to seek funding through Kickstarter, it was the first game that showed it is possible to raise over $3 million by appealing directly to fans. The Kickstarter campaign is long over, but there’s still an opportunity to make a donation and get the game for Android.