Author: John Garcia

Hardware News

New Snapdragon 835 details forthcoming at CES, GPU info likely in tow

Qualcomm has announced via Twitter that their new Snapdragon 835 will “come into focus” at CES next week, likely meaning that it will finally provide full details on its new flagship chipset. Information on the upcoming system-on-a-chip has been scarce since its initial unveiling back in mid-November, with Qualcomm and Samsung confirming the use of the 10nm FinFET manufacturing process while providing only vague details on power efficiency and performance. A few leaks and rumors have provided additional information, such as CPU and modem types and which future phones are expected to include the SoC, but none of these rumors have been confirmed by Qualcomm.

Game News

Unleash your inner child in Snowball, a winter-themed pinball game, out now

Winter is officially here and with it a plethora of seasonally-themed games. Amidst the crop of current offerings is Snowball, a new pinball game from developer Pixeljam. Published on the Android platform by Noodlecake Games, Snowball takes the traditional pinball board and replaces it with a unique setting: a kid-constructed, snow-covered bobsled maze, complete with snow banks, igloos, wooden paddles, and yes, big balls of snow.

Game News

The Party (Guest List) Never Stops in Los XV de Rubí, out now on Android

Mexican teenager Rubí Ibarra Garcia has quite the problem on her hands. You see, a few weeks ago her father posted a video on his Facebook page inviting “everyone” to his daughter’s fifteenth birthday party. A few hours after it was posted, the video was shared on the region’s official Facebook page, where a few internet pranksters picked up on it, decided that the word everyone literally meant everyone, and proceeded to spread it across social media.