Author: Michael Ian


The highlights of 2012 and the Android gaming news that happened

It’s safe to say that this year marked major leaps and bounds for the Android platform. On the technical side, Jellybean demonstrated the maturity of Google’s OS, visually smoothing many jagged edges and packing MORE new features which Apple will inevitably emulate and sue for. Most notably for gamers, multi-user profiles gave way to sighs of collected relief as roommates everywhere can now stop “accidentally” deleting game progress by starting new games; parents can now finally fork over their slates to their kids without the fear of their little ones finding… in-app purchases.


The Walking Dead: The Game, Limping Past Android

After an explosive season finale to Walking Dead: The Game, Telltale Game’s point and click survival adventure garnered numerous “Game of the Year” from online gaming publications and gamers alike (and my personal favorite of the year). After debuting on major gaming consoles, Xbox, PS3 and the PC, the game also saw simultaneous release on the iPad. It’s use of slow paced gameplay and narrative focus translated well for touch gaming. However if you’re wishing to experience this excellent post zombie apocalypse on those shiny Nexus tablets, don’t bother holding your breath.


Kemco’s entire catalog of games on sale for $0.99 for a limited time

Fancy yourself some good old JRPG? Well you’re in luck as mobile RPG developers Kemco Games is having a week long sale starting today through Sunday (10/22 -10/28). If you’re unfamiliar with the Japanese based devs, Kemco regularly churns out turn based RPGs and most of their tittles, like Eve of Genesis and Symphony of Eternity have met with some positive reactions from hardcore RPG fans.


DroidGamers: Games we’ve been playing this week 10/14- 10/20

Like a middle child, mobile games are constantly vying for our attention. Every week a new crop of games prop themselves on our desk and demands to be played. So we humbly present “Game’s We’re Playing This Week”, a weekly reflection on outstanding games that deserves longer than your average bathroom romp. Every week members of our staff will sift through the best Android games, new or old, basically any games they’ve been playing relentlessly throughout the week.


The Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour wishlist: Things we would like

In terms of mobile gaming, its no secret that Gameloft’s Modern Combat series is THE definitive first person military shooter (read our review for Modern Combat 3). While it can’t be argued that the French-based developers took major liberty with its inspirator, Modern Warfare, Modern Combat is so well crafted that you can’t help but feel impressed with the scope of its emulation. Now that Gameloft has finally revealed the fourth installment (along with a few tidbits) in the franchise, we’ve crafted a list on the top five things we’d hopefully to see on Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.


Gameloft teases Modern Combat 4 with Developer Diaries; Let’s You Play As Villains

It’s not often that mobile games garner the same development process as their console counter parts, but thanks to the popularity of the platform we’re seeing the same practices applied to smartphone games. Such is the case with Gameloft highly anticipated Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. Released this morning, Gameloft gives us a look into crafting the latest game in the their first part of Developer diaries.