Author: Michael Ian

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Gaming Tools: Gameshelf, Present Your ROM’s in Style

Everyone loves old school gaming, and thanks in part to the magic of emulation, you can literally carry hundreds of retro games from consoles past right in your pocket. Unfortunately these emulators don’t have much flair in the design department and loading a ROM boils down to a folder browsing experience. Functional but not pretty to look at.Thankfully, developers Jack Patrick and Shouvik Dutta created Gameshelf, an app that catalogs your ROM collections into an aesthetically pleasing interface.

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DroidGamers: Android games we are playing this week 5/6- 5/12

Like a middle child, mobile games are constantly vying for our attention. Every week there is a new shipment of mobile games propping themselves on our desks and demands to be played. While we do have dedicated reviewers, sometimes the games can be just as engaging as reviewing your W-2 forms. With the tsunami of new games every week we find our selves repeatedly drowning at the staggering amount of games.

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Gameloft Releases New N.O.V.A. 3 Trailer

We’re right there with you, patiently waiting (and praying for compatibility) for Gameloft’s latest romp in their space themed FPS, N.O.V.A. 3. Over the weekend the French company has teased its fans with new footage along side a visual walkthrough with executive producer Arnaud Bonnard. He details the graphical changes in this sequel. If you’re still unconvinced how awesome this game will look, watch the trailer after the break.

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Mario creator enjoys Angry Birds but we won’t see Nintendo making mobile games

Despite Nintendo’s insistence that mobile games are “cheap”,  it is surprising to find that its lead franchise creator enjoys some Angry Birds. According to an interview with Edge, Shigeru Miyamoto, the mind behind classic franchise such as Legend of Zelda, Super Mario and a slew of other Nintendo series. has admitted that Angry Birds by Rovio was his favorite game of the past year.