Author: Naail Zahid

Game News

Dragon’s Watch, a new take on mobile RPGs, will be arriving later this year

London-based developer, The Secret Police (a relatively new team) have announced their first title – an ambitious one at that – Dragon’s Watch, for mobile platforms. What makes this game unique is that it is touted as a western developed “Battle RPG”, inspired by JRPGs and intended for one-handed play – and unlike many Free-to-play titles, this game will apparently be completely playable offline.

Game News

The Fusion Wars multiplayer game is now available for the Samsung Gear VR

Spanish game developer Estudiofuture has launched the much-anticipated VR title, Fusion Wars, for the Samsung Gear store. Billed as a Multiplayer Combat Simulator the game features online co-op for up to 4 players, often tasked with combining their futuristic space combat tank into one powerful ultra-tank, in which pilots will split their roles to take the driving seat and handle the heavy weaponry of the turret.

Game News

Moe! Ninja Girls released on Google Play

NTT Solmore Corp, known and praised for their various dating sims released on Facebook, Mobile and PC, and for their biggest hit “Shall we date?”, have launched their latest title, Moe! Ninja Girls, on Google Play Store, which unsurprisingly happens to also be a dating sim with branching story paths and multiple endings.