Author: Shamus Locke

Hardware News

Ninja Update adds Gtalk Video chat, screenshots to Sensation 4G

We know we don’t usually cover phone updates, but this is a big one — without prior notice T-Mobile and HTC have shipped out an update that adds video chat through gtalk along with a slightly cosmetically updated interface to the free talk client. This outdates the Qik client already in place on the Sensation via T-Mobile. Also added is native screenshot support anywhere in the OS.

Hardware News

How HTC watches your every move with CIQ

XDA has once again brought to light information that a company would rather keep hidden. The most recent update to your phone includes software that lets HTC watch your every move. Sensation 4G and EVO 3D seem to be affected and now HTC has responded. Is HTC legally liable for following the coordinates of your every screen touch, the current position of your phone and more?

Game News

App review: aDownloader

aDownloader is a newly available native torrent client for Android available for newer phones that support the necessary APIs. Does it fare better than other native clients whose developers haven’t updated them in months. Find out more reading the full review after the break.