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DroidGamers Interviews Hibernum, Creators of Saber’s Edge – Part 2

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to talk with Hibernum, the the team of talented individuals behind the soon to be released game Saber’s Edge. Fast forward to a few months later, and Saber’s Edge has been released worldwide for Android and iOS devices. A fascinating world has been created for this unique puzzle/action/strategy game. We were fortunate enough to talk with Hibernum and the game’s producer, Marc-Andre Larose about the creation of this intriguing amalgamation of game genres.

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Indie Developer Spotlight: Eugeny Butakov Creator of Psebay

Welcome to the DroidGamers Indie Spotlight. As the amount of games being released in the Play Store increase exponentially, some really great games get overlooked. Sometimes, it is even more difficult, being an Independent Game developer to get your game noticed. As a new column, DroidGamers will be highlighting Indie Game Developers that show great promise in game design. What indie means can vary, but we will try to focus on smaller studios and excellent game content. First up is Eugeny Butakov, creator of the excellent motorcycle trials type game, Psebay.

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DroidGamers Interviews Hibernum: Creators of the upcoming Puzzle-RPG Saber’s Edge

Hibernum is a game development studio and much more. Located near the intersecting streets of Rue de Bleury and West Sainte-Catherine Street, you will find the creators of Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest, Bruce Lee: Enter the Game, and the soon to be released action-puzzle game, Saber’s Edge. DroidGamers had the opportunity to go behind the scenes to find out a bit more about Hibernum’s genesis and future plans. Frederick Faubert, President and Creative Director and Louis-Rene Auclair, Chief Brand Officer were kind enough to answer a few questions so that we could learn more.

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[UPDATE: Game Released] DroidGamers Interviews Artak Avakyan of Lightbound Studios about the soon to be released game Star Chasers

I came across a game not long ago that grabbed my attention. The game had interesting looking youthful characters, and bright colors dipped in varying hues. It looked like a runner of sorts, but there was something about it that seemed like it would be fun to play. I reached out to Lightbound Studios and made contact with Artak Avakyan, the founder of Lightbound Studios. I was impressed to find out that this game has been created solely by Mr. Avakyan. After interviewing him, I find Mr. Avakyan to be a brilliant and humble game designer, with big dreams for Lightbound Studios.