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Fuzzies By Polarbit

There has only been one real Lemmings clone or style game on the Android market called Bunny Mania. Other then that if you want to play a Lemmings style game you are pretty much locked down to using an emulator. Well not anymore because Polarbit, who makes some of the best 3D games for Android, just released Fuzzies which is a Lemmings type of game.

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Popcap Official Supports Android

With Froyo on it’s way to a Android 2.1 phone near you, Flash gaming is on the way which we have talked about multiple times already. The test release of Froyo and Flash 10.1 beta gave us the ability to test it out a bit. Kongregate already mentioned that they will support Android 2.2 as have other sites including Popcap but today they came right out and officially announced it.

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Dweller RPG

When it comes to rogue-like RPG games, the selection right now is far and few between in terms of quality. Dweller, developed by BitFront, is one of the few exceptions to the rule. This is a new rogue-like RPG with some old school styled graphics that offers both saved static gameplay as well as dynamic (random level design) gameplay for your Android phone.

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New Droid Gamers Positions

Well it is about that time again. We are looking for a couple more writers and anyone else who would like to contribute anything to Droid Gamers. If you like games and gaming on your Android phone, why not write about it whether it is a review of a game or perhaps general gaming news in regards to Android? Read on for more details..

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IGF Adds Android Platform

There is no question that gaming on the Android platform has come a long way since Android came out onto the mobile market. Even though it has a decent way to go before it becomes the dominate platform for mobile gaming, more and more festivals and conferences are adding Android to their platform roster and IGF is the newest one to do so.

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In the wide world of physics games, there are only a few developers pumping out really good quality titles. RedX, developed by AlBrAndroid, is one of those titles. Using the orientation sensor on your phone you work your way through a multitude of levels solving the puzzles. This game really tests your brain with problem solving skills with each puzzle having multiple solutions too.

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Barrr Pirate Game

What Friday wouldn’t be complete without some sort of alcohol reference. Hey it is the weekend, time to kick back and have a beer or whatever your poison is. Even better, why not have a cold one while running your own pirate bar? Barrr, developed by Firedroid, will let you do just that on your Android phone and it comes complete with some very unique art.

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GetJar To Push Android Gaming

Recently GetJar raised $11 million in funding and along with this comes news of their business model being tweaked. Some of the money will be put into expanding the company with new offices and business infrastructure. One of the major changes will be coming in the form of paid applications for Android and, more specifically, a big push for paid game downloads.

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DX Studio v4 Supports Android

Android game developers are getting more and more tools at their disposal when it comes to game creation and game engines. Right on the heels of Unity3D’s pre-sale announcement in which they are giving away a free Nexus One to the first 500 pre-orders comes another announcement this time from DX Studio which has their newest version coming with Android support.