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Hero – Old School RPG

There are a few old school RPG style games available for Android that really embrace the old school style of graphics and gameplay. Hero, developed by Skyoung09, is one of those games which has the old 8-bit graphics and animations. In this game you have to make your way through the tower to save the princess, get treasure and kill monsters.

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So You’ve Made A Game!

So you have decided to take the plunge and port/develop a game for Android. This is you big popular game from iPhone/iPad/iTouch/BlackBerry/Whatever and you are ready to release it to the masses on Android. No bugs? Check! Support for all screens? Check! Android market account? Check! Now what? Got it on the Android market but that only reaches a certain amount of people.

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Galaxy NGC3D

And-Creations is a new player when it comes to games for the Android platform and having just released their first title, Galaxy NGC3D, show that they have a potential in becoming a serious player when it comes to 3D games. While still only available in a Lite/Beta version, Galaxy NGC3D feels similar to the old Star Fox games from back in the day with 3D graphic style and controls.

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Gem Laser

Gem Laser, developed by Arturo Gutierrez, is one of those reflection type puzzle games where you use items on each stage to reflect a laser that has to pass through all the items on a stage, in this case gems. While there are not a whole lot of them on the Android market, Gem Laser seems to stand out from the rest thanks to much nicer graphics and gameplay.

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City Defense – Reload

City Defense, developer by RedRabbit Interactive, is another new tower defense game available for your Android device. This particular tower defense game is placed in a medievil city setting with the enemies you have to destroy having different paths to take. As with all Tower Defense style games you have a variety of towers at your disposal to defend your lands with.

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Boulders and Diamonds

Retro games have always been popular regardless of what device you play them on and for Android we have seen some really good retro style games released onto the market. Boulders and Diamonds, developed by Arkadiusz Kolacz, is another nice retro game cloned after the 8-bit game Boulder Dash complete with 8-bit graphics and original levels to play.

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FAAD Now Includes Android

Free-App-A-Day, or FAAD for short, has been running for some time now giving away free iPhone games. Recently they have expanding to include iPad titles and also with this expansion now comes Android Free-App-A-Day. However to start off this will be limited to once a week until it builds up enough where it can be once a day like the iPhone.

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CPS2 Emulator

While Android already has a bunch of great emulators available for most gaming systems right down to the old school ZX Spectrum emulators and even a PS Emulator in the works, there isn’t a whole lot of systems left to cover. Capcom Play System 2 emulator, or CPS2 for short, now covers another system and is available in two versions depending on your screen resolution.

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The Future!

Once in awhile I like to post about what is coming up for DroidGamers in terms of new features, our growth and anything else that pertains to that. I haven’t really done that in awhile and it is about that time. DroidGamers and the staff, TeamDG, have a lot planned for the future in both the short and long term and we also look for your input about the site.