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AGC1 – Round 3 Results – Next!

As each round end the competition gets tougher and much more fierce. This round was no exception to that rule as Round 3 has some very close scores from everyone. For this round Farm Frenzy AGC Edition was played and this one required time, strategy and patience along with quick fingers. The results are in and it seems we will be having a sudden death round for 2 players!

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Google Ventures Invests in ngmoco

In a surprising move by Google Ventures (no not really surprising), it is being reported that they have now invested in ngmoco. If you do not know what ngmoco is they are a publisher of some very popular iPhone games including We Farm which is ranked number 2 for the iPad right now on the App Store. What exactly does this mean for Android?

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Sony PSP Go-like Phone with 3.0?

Yes the title makes you go “what?!” but Engadget is reporting that Sony Ericsson is working on an Android 3.0 gaming device which, according to the Engadget mock-up, looks a lot like a PSP with phone capabilities. With a slider featuring gaming controls in the phone, this looks to be exactly what the gaming sector of Android needs and looks like every mobile gamers dream.

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Amtalee 3D Puzzle Game

Amtalee, Developed by Frosteam Software, follows in the footsteps of Nintaii or Cubicman 3D block puzzle games where you have to move/rotate your block to make it through the stage to the exit before being able to move on. While keeping true to the style of gameplay found in these types of games, Amtalee offers a few extra options to help you along the way.

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AGC1 Round 2 Results – Next!

For round 2 of the Android Gaming Challenge the game used was Prism3D AGC Edition which was a modified version of the game. In this version the level was endless and dynamically generated presenting both skill challenge as well as endurance challenge. With the end of the round now, the scores have been amazing with one person breaking 1 million points!

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Google’s Spending Spree – Plan?

While it is no surprise that Google has been buying up companies and as of late companies dealing with social gaming but there really hasn’t been much said as to whether Android will see any benefit. In our previous article about Google’s latest purchase of Jambool (Social Gold) that we could see the Freemium business model becoming acceptable on the Android market.

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Flick Defense

Flick Defense, developed by Koala Ballahs (got to love that name), is another good casual game for your Android phone. In this game your job is to defend your castle from waves of stickmen using your arrows and various upgrades you can purchase along the way. If you like the stickman style of art and games then you’ll enjoy this game.

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Sheep Slinger!

Have you ever wanted to just grab some sheep, put them in a big slingshot and shoot them into the air to try and hit animals such as flying pigs? Neither have I until now that is. Sheep Slinger, developed by Kymah LLC, lets you fling willing sheep into the air in your attempt to hit as many flying animals as you can until you move onto the next stage.