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Angry Birds Coming End Of August

We have been reporting on Angry Birds by developer Rovio ever since it was announced that it would be making it’s way over to the Android platform which was a couple of months ago. Since then we have posted updates about it and even a video showing Angry birds being played on a Droid. Well for all of you waiting for this game, your waiting is almost over.

Game News

OpenFeint: Cross-Platform Multiplayer Gaming

As the battle for smartphone dominance continues between the iPhone’s iOS and Android with sales and activations, users will soon be able to take the battle into the gaming arena thanks to OpenFeint’s newest update to their SDK. Any game developer can add the OpenFeint SDK to their game to allow iPhone and Android users to compete against each other.

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Soccer Fans: PES 2011 Coming In October

The ever popular PES 2010 game by Konami is being revisited and revised with new features in the next installment to the soccer series of games. PES 2011 will have two major changes involved with it: 1) It will have social features added to it through a platform like Scoreloop or OpenFeint and 2) It will come with local WiFi and Bluetooth multiplayer.

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Android Getting A Game Center Like The iPhone?

Is a Game Center type of feature coming to Android soon? It is a possibility and to understand exactly where this is coming from one has to look at both the recent purchases by Google dealing with social gaming as well the new App Inventor that is currently in beta. I just got accepted into the App Inventor beta and while looking around I stumbled onto an interesting feature.

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AGC1 – Final Results

It has been a very long journey for these remaining six competitors which has finally come to an end as this Finals round is now over. Everyone fought to the bitter end not only in this game but all of the games since Day 1. Now it is time to announce who won and is crowned Champion and the runner-ups! All of them deserve a huge congrats though.

Game News

FallDown 3D

This game isn’t exactly new, in fact it has been around for a bit. It is also not the only game of this type on the market. However it does offer a completely different view point then most of this tunnel racing genre in that instead of rolling horizontally or flying through the tunnel, you are actually falling downward through the tunnel.