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Google Aquires Slide

Google continues making moves to improve their stance with gaming especially social gaming. Their latest move is with yet another purchase of a company, this time called Slide. Slide is another social gaming company who have released games such as SuperPoke!, SuperPoke! Pets, Top Fish, SuperPocus Academy of Magic, and the Facebook application FunSpace.

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AGC #1 – And the First Game Is….

You’ve all signed up and waited for this tournament to start, so let’s do it! Every round of this tournament will feature a new game in which we will announce the day prior to the round starting. Some games will be available on the market, while others will be accessible through Droid Gamers. We will be sure to announce all up and coming information regarding the tournament to give each of you enough time to get the game in question before the round starts.

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Android Gaming Challenge Prizes!

We’ve been teasing everyone about the prizes for AGC1 and we let out that one was to be a free new Android phone. However that certainly isn’t the end of the list! You think we would only giveaway just that? Shame on you! Don’t you know we are partially insane over here at Droid Gamers? In any events, it is time to reveal the prize list and it is a big one!

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Radio Ball 3D

Remember Speed Forge 3D? It was one of the earlier examples of 3D gaming on Android phones. Developer Awesome Software has since released a few more games most notably Spheremare and Colorix. After a bit of a quiet period they have released their idea of a 3D tunnel racing game called Radio Ball 3D which offers up property destruction and a touch of blood to the genre of tunnel racing.

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Camel Games Overview

We always encourage community support here at Droid Gamers whether it is just being supportive of the site, giving feedback to us or contributing. Camel Games has been producing physics related games for the Android platform for a long time and one of our loyal friends, Senaia1 a.k.a Chris, has sent us a great overview of most titles by Camel Games. Enjoy!

Game News

My Paper Airplane 2

Wavecade has developed some really original games for the Android platform such as Pokanoid, Frogly and My Paper Airplane. If you enjoyed the first My Paper Airplane then you will really like My Paper Airplane 2. More based around a track with obstacles, the second addition to this title seems to be much improved upon over the first installment.

Game News

PSX4Droid Issue Update

The long awaited PSX4Droid playstation emulator by the dynamic duo of ZodTTD and Yongzh was released onto the Android market yesterday as we mentioned the moment it hit. However, people have been reporting an issue with purchasing/downloading PSX4Droid and so here is an update about this issue which I believe everyone is experiencing.