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When we first started one of the very first stories we posted was about a game in beta phase called Runes. This is a 3D MMORPG for Android phones which features just about everything you would find in an MMORPG but designed for playing on your phone. Since then we’ve kept our eye on it watching it develop over time and recently Runes went into a Beta III phase.

Game News

Joyland Bounce

Joyland Bounce, developed by Intouch Games, is a game where you tilt your device to get your little smiley face ball to move, bouncing all over the place until you reach the end of the stage. While the premise is simple enough, the backgrounds are rather good and the music suits the game well making this a good choice to kill some time with.

Game News

Pipe Dreams

While pipe puzzle games are not exactly abundant on the Android market right now, what is on there is actually less then great in terms of art and gameplay, that is until Pipe Dreams by Epic Applications came to Android. Pipe Dreams is a pipe puzzle game with good art, excellent animation and a fun style of gameplay for your Android device.

Game News

Mad Maks 3D

Mad Maks 3D, developed by Noumena Innovations, is a tank shoot-em-up game where you can pilot different types of tanks and go about in the 3D world destroying all enemy vehicles. Unlike most 3D games of this nature, this particular title is more cartoon in feeling with all the vehicles having faces, expressions and their shape is more along the lines of what you would see in a cartoon style game.

Game News

Everland By Hexage

Hexage has produced some great games such as Totemo, Radiant and of course Booka, are getting geared up to release another title called Everlands. After a bit of a break from releases it is good to see one of the more veteran Android game developer groups releasing another title. Everlands looks to be yet another promising game to add to their resume and to your collection.

Game News

Angry Birds This Summer

We recently posted an article about games to try out this summer and in that article one of the games suggested was a game called Angry Birds by Rovio. Angry Birds is a hugely popular iPhone game that the developers are porting over to Android with the intention of releasing it this summer for Android consumption. Well here is a bit more information on it.

Game News

Tetris Released Onto Market

While attempting to flash my Nexus One back to Android 2.1 for some development testing I noticed that the crew over at AndroidSpin have posted that the Official Tetris game by EA is now available on the Android market. The official version of the game has been available since Android’s release it was only available for purchase on outside market websites like Mobihand.

Game News

Arena 3D Shooter

Arena is a 3D third-person shooter for your Android phone where you are in an arena and your job is to destroy everything that comes at you using the various weapons you have. This is game strictly about shooting your enemies and destroying them while not focusing at all on any sort of storyline. This is purely to get your shooting game fix when you have a few minutes to kill.